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Annetta Esposito

Associate Director
Move Development Solutions

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Annetta is constantly educating herself in her pursuit of knowledge. Annetta’s passion for personal development has led her to complete numerous qualifications as well as accreditation in Everything DiSC, PXT Select & Genos Emotional Intelligence.

She is passionate about providing learning opportunities to Corporates and individuals to help them better link the human experience to the delivery of commercial outcomes. She spends her days developing workshops on communication, workforce strategies, emotional intelligence, and effective workplace relationships. Her workshops address the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness methodologies.

If Daniela is known for her cocktail-making prowess, Annetta is known for drinking them, like a lady of course! This lady boss needs a drink or two! She runs multiple business ventures, consults to AIM, RMIT and Swinburn University and on top of that she has a blended family with six children…is there anything this woman can’t do? We think Not!