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Diana Tartaglia

Assessment Consultant

Diana Tartaglia  Profile Photo

Diana is a HR Consultant with over 15 years of experience delivering talent management solutions to hundreds of clients. She is currently completing an MBA, backed by BA Com. (Organisational Behaviour) and holds a range of psychometric accreditations. Diana is an Associate Consultant to Move Solutions Group sitting across Move Recruitment Solutions, Move Development Solutions and Move Transition Solutions.

Diana knows a thing or two about the links between personality, potential, and performance in the workplace. She partners with our clients to deliver best practice HR solutions to help master the balancing act of attracting, retaining, and nurturing the right talent for their business. She consults with our clients in the administration of psychometric testing. Through this, we are able to provide further insight into a candidate’s personal motivations and preferences assisting our clients to make the best hiring decisions.

Diana like all of us at Move is a working Mama. She has two of the cutest humans ever and juggles more than one venture. She has a love for family and friends, is a big foodie and she takes on everything life throws at her like a Boss! There is nothing that can slow this girl down.