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How to manage work and professional development

Article Published 05 May 2023 / By Isabella McMahon

There has been a fair bit of conversation lately regarding the importance of further study, and in most cases, it is to be competitive for further employment opportunities. However, if you have been used to the lifestyle of full-time work, it could be a struggle returning to university or starting out. Here are some of my tips and tricks for balancing work and study.

Create a plan

When you start your studies, it would be advisable to create a plan to keep on top of any upcoming assignments and work commitments. This plan should include key dates from both your studies and work such as assignments, exam days, and any other work commitments and project deadlines.

Update your employer on your progress

As you progress through your studies, it would be wise to update your manager with any key dates and your general progress throughout your course. This will show your employer that you are keen to further your career through completing this further study. You can also give your employer a copy of the plan you made so they can be mindful of your current workload.

Consider asynchronous/external classes

If you do not have the option to take on part-time work for the duration of your studies, asynchronous or external style classes will allow you to be more flexible with your studies, while committing to your full-time employment. This type of learning is beneficial as you will not be constrained to specific times your classes are held, with potentially the ability to attend classes later in the day as required.

Use technology to your advantage

Studying has never been easier with the recent advancements in technology. To take advantage of this, you could research applications that can make your life easier when managing your studies and work. If these applications are compatible across your different devices this could be a plus as you can collate all your study notes, due dates, and exam dates in the one spot. As well as utilising videos on YouTube or other platforms to give you a different perspective on your studies.


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