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Is the thought of a career change stopping you from making a career defining MOVE? Image

Is the thought of a career change stopping you from making a career defining MOVE?

Article Published 31 Mar 2023 / By

Deciding to move roles is always a big deal no matter the situation. A career change adds an extra dynamic that can be truly daunting but equally as exciting and I sure do speak from experience!


I had been successful in my previous roles, always saying “Yes” to new challenges and so over time, I progressed into more senior positions with added responsibility. There was a career path there for me, but I guess sometimes it’s just a feeling and something pulling at you that says this doesn’t feel right long term.


Sometimes when you have been doing something for so long it’s hard to imagine what else there is out there for you. Its hard to articulate your transferrable skills and how they would benefit you in a new role or industry and that can make you feel stuck. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to look and where to start. I felt all these things, but I absolutely loved the team and people around me, so I kept on with it but that feeling in my gut didn’t pass.


Luckily for me when the opportunity to make a career change to Recruitment with Move Recruitment Solutions (THANK YOU UNIVERSE), I said YES!!! Not without going through the motions though.


I think what made it harder was I loved my work family. I had always been fortunate to have supportive leadership and teams around me encouraging me to make the next move and I kept that in mind when making my decision to move on.


I was excited by this new opportunity but to be honest I wasn’t sure how my skills would transfer. I met with my new leader, I met with my new team, and I got as much information about my new role as I possibly could. I wanted to make sure that I really understood how I could utilise my new skills in a new environment and be successful. I did my research and I also talked to people around me whom I trust. All of this helped me make an informed decision and the result so far has been so rewarding. I am having fun, I’m learning new skills and challenging myself. I’m out of my comfort zone and I love it!


My advice when making a career move, and this is based on my experience that I’m happy to share:


  • Do your research and better understand how you can utilise your skills (we all have them) in your new environment.
  • Meet with your prospective employer, more than once, ask to meet with the team if it’s not part of their process, and ask questions to get a true understanding of the culture and what is expected of you.
  • Know that the daunting feeling will pass, just push on through and explore what your next move could bring.
  • Get advice from your mentors, your network, and those you trust.
  • “Get comfortable being uncomfortable, that is where the real growth happens”.
  • Lastly but more importantly…just say “Yes”.


I am so excited for my own personal and professional growth this year and cannot wait to share my journey with my network. I really hope anyone reading this, who may be thinking about a career move or career change gets something from my experience that will help your decision-making. Remember it’s your career, your business, your Move!


Watch this space! Ellie Rose