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New in the MOVE crew!

Article Published 01 Jun 2021 / By Daniela Gonçalves

We are so excited to welcome Angelina Howe to the MOVE crew.

Angelina was brought on board in May 2021, to develop our Sales, Marketing, Communications, and Operations practices.

Angelina has over six years of combined recruitment experience specialising in Sales, Marketing, Communications, and Operations roles. She has worked in notable boutique agencies and has built a strong foundation in the Queensland market. She works on entry-level through to senior management levels across all industries. She prides herself on her ability to engage top talent and build lasting professional relationships. She is aligned with the Move Recruitment Solutions core values. She believes that her candidates are her clients and as such ensures that everyone she meets has a positive experience.

Angelina’s success has derived from the work behind the scenes. She develops strong talent pools that enable her to move at a rapid pace and deliver results for her clients and candidates. Angelina is passionate about recruitment and genuinely wants to help everyone she meets. Letting people down is not an option for Angelina, this means she’s always willing to put in the hard yards.

Angelina is authentic as they come, she brings her best self to every situation and is super down-to-earth and grounded. On a personal note, she has three wild and amazing boys who keep her extremely busy and super fit. She loves mountain bike riding, camping and Pilates. She says the bike riding and camping are to keep the boys entertained and off their devices and the Pilates is for her body, mind and soul. She is known for having a glass of rosé (or two) and listening to country music.

If you want to meet or reconnect with Angelina, please contact her on 07 3556 1079 or email