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Protecting your personal brand in 2022 Image

Protecting your personal brand in 2022

Article Published 03 Feb 2022 / By Daniela Gonçalves

In today's employment market, the need for personal brand awareness in your recruitment search is more important than ever. There is a lot that goes into a personal brand, much more than we can unpack in this little segment. In this article, we'll explore some of the ways you can explore the market and maintain awareness around your interactions with potential employers and recruitment agencies. The aim is to ensure the personal brand you've worked years building is not tainted by flippant behaviour in what we expect being an increasingly competitive and fast-paced market.

Over the past 6 - 12 months candidates found themselves in a fortuitous position with an abundance of opportunities. It was an exciting time for some and flattering, to most. They had been given leverage on salary, flexibility, career progression, and the opportunity to work on some exciting projects.

Most candidates went about their search with a strong level of professionalism and maturity, and their personal brand remained intact. They navigated the market respectfully, considering their next move and why.  There was however a minority, big enough for many of us to notice that did not fare quite so well. Unfortunately, it seemed as though some candidates were completely unaware of the repercussions their approach to testing the market or moving on could have on employers with sharp memories. 

Clients and industry recruiters happily shared their stories. All had made some wonderful hires throughout the year but like any unpleasant experience, they were all too happy to share some unfortunate interactions with candidates. Common claims of candidates not returning calls after applying for a role, or not turning up for an interview, having it rescheduled, and then not turning up to that interview either! Sounds unbelievable – we know! Sad to say all disturbingly true. Across the board, there were frustrations with candidates signing contracts only to withdraw a week prior to starting with a better offer from another client or counteroffer from their employer. All-time consuming, costly, and like a bad meal at a  restaurant...unforgettable.

As a talent consultancy, Move Recruitment Solutions will help you put your best foot forward, we want you to be unforgettable for all the RIGHT reasons. Below are five tips to consider before you make a move this year.

  1. Consider why you are wanting to move on. Are you wanting flexibility, career progression opportunities, salary, location, your relationship with your manager or team, culture, values no longer align...the list goes on!
  2. Then consider this, is there anything your current employer could do to keep you engaged? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for you to have an open and honest, one-on-one with your leader and give them the opportunity to explore what they can do for you, you might be surprised.
  3. If you are taking time to apply for a role, do a little research. If you’re applying direct get some insight into the organisation and what they do on their company website. Their LinkedIn page is a good way to see latest news and updates. If you’re working with an agency, think about all the things you want to know and cover them off with your consultant.
  4. Be prepared. Save the job ads you’ve applied to somewhere you can access quickly online or via mobile. If you can refer to the role quickly with some key alignment points it will make for a better conversation when you get a call back from a recruiter or hiring manager. It all helps to get you that first interview.
  5. We’ve all become accustomed to meetings online and although it may have become an acceptable 'part' of a recruitment process it’s rarely the last. When scheduling an interview, think about your availability and planning needed to arrange for a face-to-face interview. If you schedule an interview, make it a priority. If you need to reschedule, provide sufficient notice. If not, you run the risk of leaving prospective employers and recruiters with the feeling that you are unreliable/unorganised or just not that interested.

There are many more tips we will share with you but for now, remember that every interaction counts!